Monday, September 28, 2009

The girls went to the Homecoming dance this year.
It was Layni first school dance. She went with a group
of girls, as she is only 15. Kairsti went with Craig Lewis
and a few more of her friends. They both said that they
had a great time.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jeff went on a "man trip" to Alaska for a week in July.
He brought home a box full of delicious fish!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We haven't done fireworks since the girls were little.
This year we decided not to be party poopers and went
out and got some. We went over to our friends and they
had more than enough for everyone also. Jeff had a little
much fun blowing things up, maybe that's why we
getting them. Hehehe

I was able to go to camp with the girls for a couple of
days this year. They just happened to be the dry days
that week. They had a big storm hit their camp and
were totally rained out one night, they weren't able to
even sleep in their tents. They still went on with their
activities and ended up having a lot of fun. One evening
the stake had a race for each ward to do a modest paper
towel dress. Kairsti was the paper towel model for our
ward. The dress turned out so cute that Kairsti didn't
want to take it off. Being the fire hazard that it was, she
did eventually tear it off.

Notice Kairsti's fat cheeks! She got them out the day
after school was out. They were impacted so it wasn't
an easy pull job. She had every day and night booked
not believing that she was going to be in pain. She had
them out on Thursday morning and tried to go to her
friends party that night. LOL. She ended up staying for
45 minutes and passing out. We had a Laurel sleep over
at our house the next night which she refused to cancel.
She had another friend party on Saturday night, went to
church on Sunday and then off to camp on Monday for
week. Her pain pills were her best friends for awhile.
Layni preformed with the North High band at the Cardinal
game on Monday before she went to camp. She had a
time sitting with her friends and watching the game
their performance. She wasn't too excited about her
two band
camps and all the summer practices she had
for marching band
but it ended up being worth it in the
end. Their marching band
is outstanding!

My Mom & Dad came out from Utah to visit us at the
end of May. We did the "arch" and a few
around this area. The girls were still in school
so I
was the only one that was able to go to Nauvoo
them. We all really enjoyed their visit and
hope they
come back soon!