Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dalayni sucking up to her Daddy.

As I strive to live the gospel and to be the best daughter of god I can be, I have a hard time finding cute modest clothing. I do not have any desires to wear immodest clothing and love the way I feel when I am modest and cute at the same time. I can prove, all the girls who think they can only be beautiful if they have less clothes on, wrong. I can be a strong, confident, young woman in my modest clothing. One problem is that I do not have any cute modest swimsuits. The bikinis I find are much much cheaper, but I do not want to sink so low as towear a bikini. If I wore one of those in public there is no possible way I would be able to feel or hear the spirit. As I was browsing the internet for cute modest swimwear I came across a cute, modest,adorable, spirit bringing, gospel following, full piece swimsuit. I would be able to wear it to girls camp, and pretty much anywhere :) I clicked on the image to get to the site in great excitement! I looked at the details and my heart fell in despair, the swimsuit was expensive.
Daddy, I ask you humbly to please, make a small sacrifice for my happiness, and help me buy this swimsuit? I'll make you waffles for dinner if you do :)
This is the email Jeff received the other day from Dalayni. She has learned the art of "suck up". LOL